A Global Venture Capital Fund Focusing On The World's Largest Opportunities






  • VU's Investment Managers Have Been Some Of The Earliest & Largest Investors In 20+ Unicorns

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  • VU Operates At A Scale & Strength Greater Than A $1B+ Investment Fund​

    10x Larger Investment Team


    VU's Investment Team = 50+ Investors


    vs. Avg. $100M VC Fund Team = 3-7 Investors


    vs. Avg. $1B+ VC Fund Team = 20-40 Investors

    High Quality Investment Team


    VU's senior Investment Managers have 50+ yrs of VC experience leading some of the largest and best performing VC funds in the world, investing $2B+, generating 4x+ net realized cash-on-cash returns

    10x More Deal Flow


    VU Sources ~20,000 Deals / Year


    vs. Avg. $100M VC Fund Sources ~2,000 Deals / Year


    vs. Avg. $1B+ VC Fund Sources ~5,000-7,000 Deals / Year

    10x More Selective


    VU Invests In ~0.1% Of The Companies Sourced & Reviewed


    vs. Avg. $100M VC Fund: ~1%


    vs. Avg. $1B+ VC Fund: ~1%

    Covering Markets Broader, Deeper, Faster, & Smarter


    Dedicated investment teams focused on:

    • Consumer
    • Enterprise
    • FinTech
    • Frontier
    • Healthcare
    • PropTech

    Geography Agnostic

    HQ offices in:

    • San Francisco
    • Hong Kong

    VU also has investment teams that operate across:

    • North America: Canada, LA, Chicago, Austin, Philadelphia, Austin, NYC, Boston, & Miami
    • Europe: London & Berlin
    • Asia-Pacific: China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Korea, Japan, Australia
    • Africa: Nigeria & South Africa
    • Middle East: Israel & Saudi Arabia



    Initial Investment: $200K - $1M


    Follow-on Investments: Up to $10M


    Activity: 2-5 New Portfolio Company Investments per Quarter

    Capital Reserved For Following & Leading Investments


    VU is a long term capital partner throughout a portfolio company's journey, with the capability to lead and participate in multiple follow-on rounds

    A Powerful Proprietary Network To Better Support Portfolio Companies


    VU has access to the global startup, corporate, and investor ecosystem through its proprietary insider investor network at an unprecedented scale


    VU accelerates the growth and success of its portfolio companies by actively supporting customer acquisition, partnerships, capital raising, hiring, marketing, and exit strategies