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    Co-invest in VU's top 2-5 quarterly investments, sourced from ~18,000+ companies per year across Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier Tech, Healthcare, and PropTech. In addition you'll have the opportunity to participate in follow-on rounds within the portfolio.


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    Investor Syndicate Overview

    Members: VU's Investor Syndicate is a private network of accredited investors, including angel investors, super angels, and family offices


    No Annual Membership Fees


    Select deal by deal which companies you want to invest in


    No required minimum investment amount per year


    Invest a minimum of $5,000 or more in each company


    Co-invest in VU's top 2-5 quarterly investments, sourced from ~18,000+ companies per year and follow-on rounds within the portfolio


    Join Quarterly Investor Syndicate Calls where VU's investment team presents the investment thesis on each investment opportunity that has passed VU's investment committee


    Leverage VU's team of 45+ full-time investors, with offices in San Francisco, NYC, & Hong Kong with top performing GP's who have invested $1.8B+ over 35+ yrs and have achieved a 4x+ net cash realized returns


    Receive invitations to attend VU's private quarterly investor-only networking events in San Francisco and NYC


    Get early free registration to attend VU's REVERSE DEMO DAY in San Francisco & NYC


    Activity: VU's Investor Syndicate makes 2-5 investments each quarter


    Size of Investments: VU invests up to $1M in initial investments


    Stage: Mainly Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, & Series B rounds. Note: While most of VU's investments are in Pre-Seed through Series B rounds, VU is not stage focused, or valuation sensitive, but focuses on 10x+ opportunities.


    Verticals: Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier, Healthcare, & PropTech


    Deal Flow: VU's investment team sources ~18,000+ companies globally per year

    • ~10x+ more deal flow than traditional VC funds and angel groups who source ~1,000-2,000 companies per year 

    Selectivity: VU invests in ~0.1% of the companies it sources

    • ~10x+ more selective than traditional funds and angels groups who invest in ~1% of deals sourced 

    Co-Invest: Invest alongside VU Venture Partners and other top tier and seasoned VCs, accelerators, and angels


    Fees: One time expense of 2.5% to cover the legal costs of the SPV, Blue Sky fees, operating and accounting costs, and a 20% carried interest on profits


    Powerful Network: VU's has access to proprietary deal flow and far-reaching ability to support its portfolio companies via VU's investment team, alumni investors (insiders at VC/PE funds and accelerators), VU's investor network, and investors within the Investor Syndicate