• VU was created to disrupt the traditional venture capital fund model and the education industry in order to power an unfair and sustainable competitive advantage and generate superior returns for our portfolio companies, our investors, and our team - the future leaders within the VC/PE ecosystem.


    VU is the most scalable venture fund platform in the world, and is able to achieve this scale by combining an innovative venture fund model (VU Venture Partners) with a trade school for venture capital, private equity, and angel investing (Venture University).


    VU is most scalable venture fund platform in the world:

    • Creating a significantly larger and higher quality investment team 
      • 10x larger investment team, with 0.5% of the candidates selected to join the team
    • Capable of sourcing and reviewing more deal flow 
      • 8,000+ deals per year, 4-8x more deal flow than a traditional fund
    • Covering markets broader, deeper, faster, and smarter 
      • Dedicated investment teams focused on Consumer, Enterprise, FinTech/Blockchain, Frontier Tech, HealthTech, & Real Estate Tech
      • 4x more selective than a traditional fund, investing in 0.12-25% of deals sourced 
    • Providing greater support for portfolio companies
      • VU has a massive global network of investors, companies, and strategics to help our portfolio companies raise future rounds of capital, hire key employees, get customers, secure partners, and align with future acquirers.  
      • VU has also reserved 5/6th of its fund for follow-on capital to support companies throughout a company's journey. 
    • Generating Consistent & Superior Returns
      • VU's investment strategy is both diversified and concentrated in order to achieve a scale that is designed to outperform
      • The fund is diversified across 70-80 portfolio companies, with concentrations in 10-15 portfolio companies   

  • The VU Brand

    The Name:

    • VU = The VU platform, including both the venture capital fund (VU Venture Partners) and the trade school (Venture University).   
    • VU Venture Partners = The venture capital fund of the VU platform.
      • VU stands for "Venture University", the trade school for venture capital, private equity, and angel investing.  
      • Venture = We're a venture capital fund and we're also a venture by having an operating company, Venture University, connected to the fund.
      • Partners = We see and treat everyone on our investment team as partners, and our network of alumni investors are connected through a tight-knit family bond of partnership


    The Logo:

    • Image: A box drawn and outlined with a marker, but the box is not completed nor closed, with "VU" written with a marker inside the open box
    • Mission: VU is redefining what a venture fund is and what a university is, making them each into something greater than themselves, and increasing the value for the entity's they support (ie. portfolio companies, startup founders, limited partners / investors, individuals looking to build a career in venture capital, private equity, and angel investing) 
    • VU is breaking the mold for what a traditional VC fund is and what a traditional university is, making them into more scalable and innovative platforms
    • Venture capital is often seen as a black box, a mystery, and a wild west area within finance. and VU is democratizing venture capital, private equity, and angel investing by opening the box and sharing it with the world
    • Venture capital has been an insulated bubble, lacking diversity in gender, ethnicity, geography, economic backgrounds (mainly the 1%), academic backgrounds (a few select schools), and work experience (mainly top investment banks, consulting firms, and founders).  VU is increasing the quality, quantity, and diversity of investor talent by identifying, curating, and developing top investors for the VC & PE industry.