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    Invest With VU Venture Partners To Access Top Tier Venture Capital Opportunities

  • There Are Two Ways To Invest With VU Venture Partners:

    1) Join Bonded - VU's Affinity Investor Network: Invest on a deal-by-deal basis. Minimum investment is $5K per company. Apply Here


    2) Invest In VU Venture Partners Fund II: Become an LP in VU's $100M venture capital fund, get allocations in all portfolio companies, and have priority on investing additional capital in specific companies. Minimum investment of $500K. Send an e-mail to s@vufund.vc to request more information.

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  • Overview of Bonded - VU's Affinity Investor Network

    Terms & Benefits

     Membership: There are no annual membership fees. Joining Bonded - VU's Affinity Investor Network is 100% free


    • Members:  A private network of investors, including angel investors, super angels, and family offices


    • 100% Discretion: You select deal-by-deal which opportunities you want to invest in


    • Minimum Investment Amount: There is no required minimum investment amount per year. Investors can invest a minimum of $5,000 in each company


    • Investor Syndicate Calls: As a member of Bonded you will be invited to join Investor Syndicate Calls where VU's investment team presents the investment thesis on each investment opportunity


    • Professionally Managed: VU's management team has a strong track record of investing in venture capital with a 4x+ cash-on-cash net realized return on $1.8B+ and were some of the earliest and largest investors in 20+ unicorns, including Beyond Meat, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Venmo, Oculus, FabFitFun, Flyr, Palantir, Oscar, Wayflyr, Wish, etc.


    • Events / Networking: Receive invitations to attend VU's private investor-only networking events in San Francisco and NYC


    • Fees: A 2% annual management fee for 10 years, which is collected upfront and then drawn down over a 10 year period. Upon a liquidity event in less than 10 years any remaining management fee that has not been drawn down is returned to investors.  There is also a 20% carried interest on profits.


    • Activity: VU Venture Partners makes ~2-5 new portfolio company investments each quarter and ~2-5 follow-on investments each quarter


    • Size of Investments: VU invests up to $1M in initial investments


    • Stage: VU invests mainly in Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, & Series B rounds, however VU is not stage focused or valuation sensitive. VU's core focus is investing in 10-100x+ return opportunities.


    • Verticals Investment Teams: VU has six vertical focused investment teams, including Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier, Healthcare, & PropTech, and is supported by a ~70 person global investment team


    • Geography: VU invests globally, but has a U.S. concentration (~66% of portfolio) and ~33% across the rest of the world (Asia-Pacific, Europe, LatAm, Africa, Middle East).


    • Deal Flow: VU's investment team sources ~20,000+ companies globally per year

    • ~10x+ more deal flow than traditional VC funds and angel groups who source ~1,000-2,000 companies per year 

    • Selectivity: VU invests in ~0.1% of the companies we source and review

    • ~10x+ more selective than traditional funds and angels groups who invest in ~1% of deals sourced 


    • Powerful Network: VU's has access to proprietary deal flow and far-reaching ability to support its portfolio companies via VU's investment team, VU's alumni (who are insiders at other VC/PE funds and accelerators), & VU's investor and portfolio network